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This is a workout plan made for anyone who wants to increase their physical strength, although it's made especially with yogis in mind. A vinyasa practice is often not enough to properly build strength to decrease chances of injury and to get the technique right; the body needs consistency and challenge and a workout plan is the perfect way to get that.


This plan will strengthen the upper body and legs, getting you stronger for your pincha, handstand, chaturanga and many other poses. You can do the workouts at home with no extra equipment, although you might want to get some gadgets as you become stronger. 


I strongly encourage you to join the Facebook group "Yoga og helse med Halat Sophie" where you can ask questions and share your experiences with other members. 


To get a complete well rounded physical practice, you are welcome to join my physical classes, workshops, courses and online classes.

A strength plan for the yogi, level 1

kr 799,00Price
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